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Benjamin Strom
Portfolio Manager, Long/Short Equity Strategies
Vinicius Silva
Portfolio Manager, Emerging Markets
Edward Sasinowski
Account Manager
Jason Kezelman
Account Manager
Roland Mieth
Portfolio Manager, Emerging Markets
Markus Aakko
Executive Office
Tina Adatia
Product Strategist, EMEA
Berdibek Ahmedov
Product Manager, Global and Real Return
Michael Aked
Head of Asset Allocation, Research Affiliates
Olivia A. Albrecht
ESG and Fixed Income Strategist
Michael Althof
Portfolio Manager, Real Return
Mike Amey
Head of Sterling Portfolio Management and ESG Strategies
Joshua Anderson
Portfolio Manager, Opportunistic Mortgage and Real Estate
C. Del Anderson
Credit Analyst
Kwame Anochie
Account Manager, Global Wealth Management
Hozef Arif
Portfolio Manager, High Yield
Yacov Arnopolin
Portfolio Manager, Emerging Markets
Robert Arnott
Founder and Chairman, Research Affiliates
Amit Arora
Portfolio Manager, Global Credit
Emily Y. Au-Yeung
Credit Analyst
Justin J. Ayre
Account Manager, Financial Institutions Group
Francesc Balcells
Portfolio Manager, Emerging Markets
Andrew Balls
CIO Global Fixed Income
Jeremie Banet
Portfolio Manager, Real Return
Sharad Bansal
Portfolio Manager, Mortgage Credit
Jamil Baz
Co-head, Client Solutions and Analytics
Noah Beck
Senior Researcher, Research Affiliates
Scott Berman
Portfolio Manager, Short-Term Desk
Andreas Berndt
Portfolio Manager, Euro Investment Grade Credit
Rachel Betton
Portfolio Manager, Municipal Bonds
Jeroen van Bezooijen
Product Manager, Head of EMEA Client Solutions
Justin Blesy
Asset Allocation Strategist