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Berdibek Ahmedov
Product Manager, Global and Real Return
Mike Amey
Head of Sterling Portfolio Management and ESG Strategies
Joshua Anderson
Portfolio Manager, Opportunistic Mortgage and Real Estate
C. Del Anderson
Credit Analyst
Kwame Anochie
Account Manager, Global Wealth Management
Hozef Arif
Portfolio Manager, High Yield
Yacov Arnopolin
Portfolio Manager, Emerging Markets
Amit Arora
Portfolio Manager, Global Credit
Justin J. Ayre
Account Manager, Financial Institutions Group
Francesc Balcells
Portfolio Manager, Emerging Markets
Andrew Balls
CIO Global Fixed Income
Jeremie Banet
Portfolio Manager, Real Return
Jamil Baz
Co-head, Client Solutions and Analytics
Noah Beck
Senior Researcher, Research Affiliates
Scott Berman
Portfolio Manager, Short-Term Desk
Jeroen van Bezooijen
Product Manager, Head of EMEA Client Solutions
Justin Blesy
Asset Allocation Strategist
Felix Blomenkamp
Portfolio Manager, European ABS
Ryan P. Blute
Head of Global Wealth Management, Europe
Philippe Bodereau
Portfolio Manager, Global Head of Financial Research
Andrew Bosomworth
Head of Portfolio Management, Germany
David L. Braun
Head of US Financial Institutions Portfolio Management
Christopher Brightman
Chief Investment Officer, Research Affiliates
Jelle Brons
Portfolio Manager, Global Corporate Bonds
Michael Brownell
High Yield Strategist
Giang Bui
Portfolio Manager, Securitized Debt
Grover Burthey
Julie P. Callahan
Portfolio Manager, Municipal Bonds
Libby Cantrill
Executive Office, Public Policy
John R. Cavalieri
Asset Allocation Strategist
Rick Chan
Portfolio Manager, Interest Rate Derivatives
Nathan Chiaverini
Portfolio Manager, Short-Term Desk
Richard Clarida
Global Strategic Advisor
Michael Connor
Derivatives Strategist, Quantitative Strategies
Tony Crescenzi
Portfolio Manager, Market Strategist
Michael Cudzil
Portfolio Manager, Liability Driven Investment
Josh Davis
Portfolio Manager, Quantitative Strategy
William G. De Leon
Global Head of Portfolio Risk Management
Harin de Silva
Sai S. Devabhaktuni
Head of Corporate Distressed Portfolio Management
Mukundan Devarajan
Quantitative Research Analyst, Asset Allocation Research
John M. Devir
Portfolio Manager, Long/Short Equity Strategies
Ed Devlin
Head of Canadian Portfolio Management
Pramol Dhawan
Portfolio Manager, Emerging Markets
Chris Dialynas
Portfolio Manager, Generalist
Anton Dombrovsky
Product Manager, Emerging Markets
Matt Dorsten
Portfolio Manager, Quantitative Strategy
Joachim Fels
Global Economic Advisor
David Fisher
Head of Traditional Product Strategies
Gene Frieda
Global Strategist
Richard Fulford
Account Manager, Head of U.S. Retirement
Michael A. Gomez
Head of Emerging Markets Portfolio Management
Jared B. Gross
Head of Institutional Business Development, New York
Adam Gubner
Portfolio Manager, Distressed Debt
Helen Guo
Quantitative Research Analyst, Client Analytics
Sachin Gupta
Head of Global Portfolio Management Desk
Aditi Gupta
Municipal Bond Strategist
David Hammer
Head of Municipal Bond Portfolio Management
Jeff Helsing
Credit Strategist
Jonathan Horne
Portfolio Manager, Credit Absolute Return
Ray Huang
Credit Analyst, Real Estate
Daniel H. Hyman
Co-head, Agency MBS Portfolio Management
Alan Isenberg
Head of Strategy and Business Management, Asia-Pacific
Daniel J. Ivascyn
Group Chief Investment Officer
Rachit Jain
Portfolio Manager, European RMBS
Andrew R. Jessop
Portfolio Manager, High Yield
Nicholas J. Johnson
Porfolio Manager, Commodities
Tracey Jordal
Counsel, Legal and Compliance
Vitali Kalesnik
Director, Head of Equity Research, Research Affiliates
Soraya Kazziha
Head of EMEA Client Analytics
Mark R. Kiesel
CIO Global Credit
Kristofer Kraus
Thomas Kressin
Portfolio Manager, Currencies
Nicolas Le Roux
Quantitative Research Analyst
Ji Li
Lillian Lin
Portfolio Manager, Investment Grade Credit
Thomas Luciano
Account Manager, Financial Institutions Group
Beth MacLean
Portfolio Manager, Bank Loans
Nicola Mai
Portfolio Manager, Sovereign Credit Analyst
Jason Mandinach
Credit Strategist, Mortgage Strategies
William Martinez
Portfolio Manager, Short-Term Desk
Tomoya Masanao
Co-head of Asia-Pacific Portfolio Management
Scott A. Mather
CIO U.S. Core Strategies
Ravi K. Mattu
Global Head of Analytics
Sean McCarthy
Head of Municipal Credit Research
Ryan E. McMahon
Global Wealth Management
Robert Mead
Co-head of Asia-Pacific Portfolio Management
Isaac Meng
Portfolio Manager, Emerging Markets
Spyros Michas
Portfolio Manager, Real Return
Scott A Millimet
Head of Insurance Client Account Management
Mohit Mittal
Portfolio Manager, Liability Driven Investment and Credit
Eric J. Mogelof
Head of U.S. Global Wealth Management
James Moore
Co-Head of Client Solutions and Analytics
Raja Mukherji
Portfolio Manager, Head of Asian Credit Research
Alfred T. Murata
Portfolio Manager, Mortgage Credit
John Murray
Portfolio Manager, Commercial Real Estate
Vasant Naik
Head of Asset Allocation Research
Dzmitry Nikalaichyk
Quantitative Research Analyst
Andrew Nowobilski
Quantitative Research Analyst, Asset Allocation Research
Ismael Orenstein
Portfolio Manager, Emerging Markets
Niels K. Pedersen
Quantitative Research Analyst, Asset Allocation Research
Sonali Pier
Portfolio Manager, Multi-Sector Credit
Axel Potthof
Portfolio Manager, European High Yield
Chitrang K. Purani
Portfolio Manager, Financial Institutions
Andrew F. Pyne
Equity Strategist
Lupin Rahman
Head of EM Sovereign Credit
Riccardo Rebonato
Graham A. Rennison
Quantitative Portfolio Manager
Steve A. Rodosky
Portfolio Manager, Treasuries, Agencies and Futures
Laura Ryan
Quantitative Research Analyst, Client Analytics
Loren Sageser
Credit Strategist
Steve Sapra
Head of Client Analytics, North America
Stacy Schaus
Head of Defined Contribution Practice
Lutz Schloegl
Head of Rates, FX, Commodity & EM Analytics
Jerome M. Schneider
Head of Short-Term Portfolio Management
Christian Schuetz
Credit Analyst, European Utilities and Energy
Ethan Schwartz
Portfolio Manager, Distressed Credit
Marc P. Seidner
CIO Non-traditional Strategies
Danny Seth
Global Equity Analyst, Long/Short Equity Strategies
Emmanuel S. Sharef
Portfolio Manager, Analytics Specialist
Greg E. Sharenow
Portfolio Manager, Real Assets
Stacey Shi
Portfolio Manager, CLO and ABS
Kent Smith
Portfolio Manager, Mortgage Credit
Luke Spajic
Head of Asia EM Portfolio Management
Christian Stracke
Global Head of Credit Research
Geraldine Sundstrom
Portfolio Manager, Asset Allocation
Justin Tang
Account Manager
Aaditya Thakur
Portfolio Manager, Australia and Global
Josh Thimons
Portfolio Manager, Interest Rate Derivatives
Mark Thomas
Michael Thompson
Head of PIMCO Asia ex Japan
Klaus Thuerbach
Inflation Solutions Strategist
Ashish Tiwari
Asset Allocation Strategist
Eve Tournier
Head of European Credit Portfolio Management
Matthew Tracey
Account Manager, Financial Institutions Group
Bryan Tsu
Portfolio Manager, CMBS and CLO
Courtney A. Walker
Portfolio Risk Manager
Taosha Wang
Credit Research Analyst
Samuel Weitzman
Senior Fixed Income Associate
Bransby Whitton
Product Strategist
Tiffany Wilding
U.S. Economist
Kevin Winters
Alternatives Strategist
Andrew T. Wittkop
Portfolio Manager, Treasuries, Agencies, Rates
Mihir P. Worah
CIO Asset Allocation and Real Return
Min Xiao
Strategist, Asset Allocation Solutions
Haining Yin
Head of China
Jinhy Yoon
Robert Young
Head of U.S. Financial Institutions Group
Vicky Zhao
Portfolio Manager, U.S. Rates
Vinicius Silva
Portfolio Manager, Emerging Markets
Edward Sasinowski
Account Manager
Roland Mieth
Portfolio Manager, Emerging Markets
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