RAE Low Volatility PLUS EMG Fund


Updated October 22, 2019


Seeks total return that exceeds that of its benchmark

Primary Portfolio

An equity strategy that uses RAE Low Volatility Emerging Markets portfolio derivatives backed by an actively managed portfolio of fixed income securities with an absolute return orientation


Fund Overview

Systematic, low-volatility approach to emerging market equity investing

The fund invests in a diversified portfolio that seeks to capture the returns of less volatile and potentially higher yielding emerging market stocks, using the Research Affiliates Equity (RAE) Low Volatility investment strategy, a systematic approach designed to outperform the MSCI EAFE Index, plus an additional source of return potential.

Why Invest In This Fund

Offers benefits of low volatility investing while being conscious of valuations P

Proprietary screens that emphasize lower volatility stocks with higher yields and strong financial health are applied to each sector of the emerging markets. Going beyond simple volatility screens, the fund’s value orientation and focus on diversification may help