REALPATH® Blend Income Fund


Updated October 18, 2019


The Fund seeks to maximize total return, consistent with prudent investment management.

Primary Portfolio

Access to PIMCO-managed mutual funds, PIMCO Exchange-Traded Funds and unaffiliated funds


Fund Overview

A risk-managed approach to retirement investing

A suite of target-date funds that uses a blend of active and passive portfolio management to capture global growth opportunities, maintain purchasing power and guard against the market shocks that can derail retirement savings.

Why Invest In This Fund

Build and protect purchasing power

REALPATH® Blend funds aim to build purchasing power by investing across an exceptionally broad range of asset classes and protect purchasing power by investing in inflation-related investments, such as TIPS. The funds generally combine a passive, index-based approach to equities with an actively-managed approach to other investments.

Manage risk

REALPATH® Blend funds take a measured approach to equity risk exposure, emphasizing capital preservation and carefully managing risk allocations over the entire course of an investor’s life - especially near retirement.

Guard against shocks

In addition to taking a broadly diversified approach, REALPATH® funds employ hedging strategies specifically designed to curb the effects of severe market stress on a retirement portfolio. If left unchecked, the losses caused by market setbacks can be devastating, especially in the years directly before retirement.


S&P Target Date Retirement Income Index


The S&P Target Date Index Series is comprised of eleven multi-asset class indices, each corresponding to a particular target retirement date. Each index provides varying levels of exposure to each asset class. Each target date allocation is created and retired according to a pre-determined schedule related to the respective target date, as indicated in the index name, and is based on market observations through an annual survey of target date fund managers.








Erin Browne, portfolio manager, discusses how PIMCO RealPath Blend’s glide path is structured to decrease risk as plan participants approach retirement, to seek to guard against market downturns and preserve capital.

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PIMCO's RealPath Blend Target Date Funds are a convenient, comprehensive investment strategy that may help you on the path to your retirement goals.

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Portfolio Manager, Multi-Asset Strategies

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