PIMCO manages investments and provides advisory services specifically tailored to the diverse needs of financial institutions. We offer investment management, asset allocation, risk management and advisory services for insurance companies, banks and government related institutions on a global basis.

Financial Institutions

A Core Strategic Business at PIMCO

  • Since our founding in 1971, Financial Institutions have been a key client base for PIMCO
  • The Financial Institutions Group is a dedicated group of investment professionals bringing a range of industry skills and background to our client base
  • Four businesses: Variable Annuities, General Accounts, Banks and Advisory
  • Our assignments include balance sheet assets, retirement assets, separate accounts and mutual funds.
  • Strategic focus: Aim to deliver investment solutions for the variety of constraints and risk management concerns that face our clients
  • PIMCO is able to offer our clients:
    • A robust investment process
    • Access to a team of industry-recognized investment professionals with dedicated expertise in insurance, banking and regulatory matters
    • Comprehensive global credit research team and independent ratings process
    • Risk management systems and analytics

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Your Team

Robert Young
Head of Financial Institutions, U.S.
Matthieu Louanges
Head of Financial Institutions, Europe
Scott Millimet
General Account, U.S.
Joe Fournier
Variable Annuities, U.S.
Mike Maita
Banks, U.S.
Kristopher Kraus
Advisory, U.S.

Financial Insititutions

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