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Markus Aakko
Executive Office
Tina Adatia
Product Manager, EMEA
Joshua Anderson
Portfolio Manager, Opportunistic Mortgage and Real Estate
Hozef Arif
Portfolio Manager, High Yield
Amit Arora
Portfolio Manager, Global Credit
Jeremie Banet
Portfolio Manager, Real Return
Sharad Bansal
Portfolio Manager, Mortgage Credit
Andreas Berndt
Portfolio Manager, Euro Investment Grade Credit
Jeroen van Bezooijen
Product Manager, Head of EMEA Client Solutions
Justin Blesy
Asset Allocation Strategist
Felix Blomenkamp
Portfolio Manager, European ABS
Kate Botting
Commodities Strategist
David L. Braun
Head of US Financial Institutions Portfolio Management
Christopher Brightman
Chief Investment Officer, Research Affiliates
Michael Brownell
High Yield Strategist
John R. Cavalieri
Asset Allocation Strategist
Anthony Clarke
Portfolio Manager, Commercial Real Estate
Tom Collier
Alternatives Product Strategist
Michael Connor
Derivatives Strategist, Quantitative Strategies
Ric Costa
Account Manager, Insurance
Michael Cudzil
Portfolio Manager, Liability Driven Investment
Sai S. Devabhaktuni
Head of Corporate Distressed Portfolio Management
Matt Dorsten
Portfolio Manager, Quantitative Strategy
Anna Dragesic
Head of Credit Product Strategies, Europe
Steve Ferber
Account Manager, Defined Contribution
Richard Fulford
Account Manager, Head of U.S. Retirement
Ying Gao
Quantitative Research Analyst, Client Analytics
Jason Goldberg
Portfolio Manager, Equity Derivatives
Brett Gorman
Account Manager, Defined Contribution
Jared B. Gross
Head of Institutional Business Development, New York
Brad Guynn
Asset Allocation Strategist
David Hammer
Head of Municipal Bond Portfolio Management
David Holdreith
Account Manger
Ray Huang
Credit Analyst, Real Estate
Daniel J. Ivascyn
Group Chief Investment Officer
Andrew R. Jessop
Portfolio Manager, High Yield
Nicholas J. Johnson
Porfolio Manager, Commodities
Tadashi Kakuchi
Portfolio Manager, Japanese Bonds
Haran Karunakaran
Product Manager, Enhanced Equity
Jason Kezelman
Account Manager
Mark R. Kiesel
CIO Global Credit
Brian Leach
Fixed Income Strategist
Matthieu Louanges
Head of EMEA Financial Institutions Group
Beth MacLean
Portfolio Manager, Bank Loans
Raji O. Manasseh
Equity Strategist
Jason Mandinach
Credit Strategist, Mortgage Strategies
Rene Martel
Head of Pension Solutions in the Americas
Ravi K. Mattu
Global Head of Analytics
Sean McCarthy
Head of Municipal Credit Research
Kendall Miller
Portfolio Manager, International
Mohit Mittal
Portfolio Manager, Liability Driven Investment and Credit
Takanori Miyoshi
Credit Analyst, Asian Financials
James Moore
Product Manager, Head of Investment Solutions
Alfred T. Murata
Portfolio Manager, Mortgage Credit
John Murray
Portfolio Manager, Commercial Real Estate
Vijendra Nambiar
Product Manager, Pension and Investment Solutions
Jason Odom
Georgi Popov
Account Manager, Insurance
Ketish Pothalingam
Portfolio Manager, U.K. Credit
Andrew F. Pyne
Equity Strategist
Neal Reiner
Alternative Credit Strategist
Paul W. Reisz
Fixed Income Strategist
Graham A. Rennison
Quantitative Portfolio Manager
Tareck Safi
Portfolio Manager, European Commercial Real Estate
Stacy Schaus
Head of Defined Contribution Practice
Jerome M. Schneider
Head of Short-Term Portfolio Management
Anshul A. Shah
Strategist, Investment Solutions Group
Matthew Sinni
Municipal Credit Research Analyst
Joe Steidl
Research Affiliates Global Advisors (Europe) Limited
Christian Stracke
Global Head of Credit Research
Kate Tan
Solutions Strategist, Liability-Driven Investing
Klaus Thuerbach
Inflation Solutions Strategist
Ashish Tiwari
Asset Allocation Strategist
Charles Watford
Credit Analyst, Europe
Bransby Whitton
Inflation Solutions Strategist
Mihir P. Worah
CIO Asset Allocation and Real Return
Robert Young
Head of U.S. Financial Institutions Group
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