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Jamil Baz
Head of Client Solutions and Analytics
Peder Beck-Friis
Portfolio Manager, Global Macro
Justin Blesy
Asset Allocation Strategist
Andrew Bosomworth
Jelle Brons
Portfolio Manager, Global Investment Grade Credit
Erin Browne
Portfolio Manager, Multi-Asset Strategies
Lorenzo Brunelli
Fixed Income Strategist
Libby Cantrill
Public Policy
Rick Chan
Portfolio Manager, Global Macro Hedge Fund Strategies
Tim Crowley
Portfolio Manager
Josh Davis
Global Head of Risk Management
Mukundan Devarajan
Quantitative Research Analyst, Asset Allocation Research
Ran Duan
Quantitative Research Analyst
Simon Fan
Gene Frieda
Global Strategist
Normane Gillmann
Quantitative Research Analyst
Brad Guynn
Product Strategist
Joseph Healy
Sean Klein
Head of Client Business Strategy – Client Solutions and Analytics
Ryan Korinke
Global Head of Sustainability
Nicola Mai
Portfolio Manager, Sovereign Credit Analyst
Rene Martel
Head of Retirement
Samuel Mary
ESG Research Analyst
Ravi K. Mattu
Rama S. Nambimadom
Andrew Nowobilski
Quantitative Research Analyst
Niels K. Pedersen
Quantitative Research Analyst, Asset Allocation Research
Christina Pihos
Defined Contribution Marketing
Georgi Popov
Product Strategist
Emmanuel Roman
Chief Executive Officer
Steve Sapra
Senior Advisor
Lutz Schloegl
Commodities Analytics
Jerome M. Schneider
Portfolio Manager
Marc P. Seidner
CIO Non-traditional Strategies
Wade Sias
Alan M. Taylor
Senior Advisor
Mark Thomas
Account Manager, Global Wealth Management
Ashish Tiwari
Head of Client Solutions, Americas
Konstantin Veit
Portfolio Manager, European Rates
Stefan von Martial
ESG Product Strategist
Tiffany Wilding
North American Economist
Jerry Woytash
Portfolio Manager, Short-Term Desk
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The PIMCO Glide Path Construction Process
Asset Allocation Implications of Household Diversity
PIMCO’s Net Zero Framework to Decarbonize Bond Portfolios
How Can Policymakers Improve the Functioning of the U.S. Treasury Market?
PIMCO’s Capital Market Assumptions, August 2022

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