Dividend and Income Fund


Updated May 29, 2020


The Fund’s primary investment objective is to seek to provide current income that exceeds the average yield on global stocks. The Fund’s secondary objective is to seek to provide long-term capital appreciation.

Primary Portfolio

Dividend-paying equities; select fixed income securities



Fund Overview

Global total return and sustainable income potential

By investing in dividend-paying stocks around the world and select fixed incomesecurities, the fund aims to offer attractive, sustainable income and long-term capital appreciation.

Why Invest In This Fund

A global opportunity set

Because attractively priced income-oriented stocks and bonds can often be found outside the U.S., the fund’s investment strategy is global in its perspective.

Time-tested active global equity investment approach

The fund employs Research Affiliates’ fundamentally-weighted, active global developed equity strategy built on smart beta that seeks higher-yielding companies that are generating sustainable di