Emerging Markets Full Spectrum Bond Fund


Updated August 07, 2020


Seeks maximum total return, consistent with prudent investment management

Primary Portfolio

A broad range of emerging market fixed income assets



Fund Overview

Access to the full EM bond toolkit

The fund is designed to offer investors a comprehensive strategy to emerging markets (EM) fixed income exposure, with dynamic asset allocation decisions based on PIMCO’s evolving assessments of the global economy and markets.

Why Invest In This Fund

Dynamic exposure to EM bonds

The fund allows investors to gain strategic exposure to the growing EM fixed income universe. Ongoing tactical asset allocation adjustments are based on PIMCO’s assessments of the global economy and markets, and relative values among EM fixed income classes. Exposures are gained primarily through PIMCO’s EM funds, although the fund may also hold other funds and individual securities.

Attractive return potential

The fund’s ability to invest across diverse EM fixed income classes – including local government bonds and U.S. dollar-denominated sovereign and corporate securities – allows it to capture compelling spread, yield and exchange rate opportunities through shifting market conditions, while also managing the risks associated with EM.

Extensive EM experience

PIMCO’s emerging markets team averages 12 years of experience analyzing sovereign creditworthiness, assessing polic