Low Duration Income Fund


Updated September 30, 2020


The Fund’s primary investment objective is to maximize current income.  Long-term capital appreciation is a secondary objective.

Primary Portfolio

Global opportunity set of fixed income securities (duration varies from 0 to 3 years)



Fund Overview

Generating income with low interest rate exposure

Designed for investors who need steady income with low interest rate exposure, the fund takes a broad-based approach to investing in income-generating bonds. It employs PIMCO’s vast analytical capabilities and sector expertise to help temper the risks of income investing.

Why Invest In This Fund

Pursues income across global fixed income sectors

The global economic landscape is constantly changing, causing different bond sectors to go in and out of favor. The fund’s multi-sector approach allows it to seek out the best income-generating ideas in any market climate, targeting multiple sources of income and low interest rate exposure from a global opportunity set.

Total return approach to generating income

While generating attractive current income is a primary goal, the fund also seeks long-term capital appreciation and compelling risk-adjusted returns with a low duration level. The fund also aims to preserve capital, maintain quality and lower interest rate risk.

Ability to be opportunistic

The fund can tactically shift portfolio weights, moving to wherever attractive yields can be generated with low interest rate sensitivity in an increasingly complex and volatile investment environment. This flexibility helps the fund to nimbly capture opportunities as economic and market conditions change.

Our Expertise

The fund is managed by an expert team of veteran global income investors: Dan Ivascyn and Alfred Murata were named Morningstar’s 2013 U.S. Fixed Income Fund Managers of the Year for PIMCO Income Fund; Eve Tournier, Head of Pan-European Credit Portfolio Management, is the lead portfolio manager for the firm’s dedicated European income-oriented strategies and global multi-sector credit strategies. The team draws on PIMCO’s time-tested investment process: our rigorously developed global macro outlook, bottom-up credit analysis and research teams’ deep reservoir of specialized investment expertise.


Bloomberg Barclays U.S. Aggregate 1-3 Years Index


Bloomberg Barclays U.S. Aggregate 1-3 Years Index represents securities that are SEC-registered, taxable, and dollar denominated with a maturity between one and three years. The index covers the U.S. investment grade fixed rate bond market, with index components for government and corporate securities, mortgage pass-through securities, and asset-backed securities. It is not possible to invest directly in an unmanaged index.


Monthly with Daily Accrual






Dan Ivascyn discusses how the Income strategy is navigating a bumpy road to recovery, especially in an environment of low yields and tighter spreads.

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Daniel J. Ivascyn

Group Chief Investment Officer

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Alfred T. Murata

Portfolio Manager, Mortgage Credit

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Eve Tournier

Head of European Credit Portfolio Management

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