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You face unique challenges. PIMCO can help.

Defined benefit plan sponsors today are faced with a wide array of challenging issues, from uncertain markets to complex liability structures to regulatory requirements. Given your plan’s unique circumstances, PIMCO’s pension solutions team is dedicated to helping you achieve the best possible outcomes for your plan participants.

A Wealth of Resources and Expertise

PIMCO has a longstanding and deep commitment to our pension clients. As your partner, we bring our extensive global resources and decades of experience to work for you. We are a leader and innovator in liability driven investing (LDI) and a pioneer in delivering complete and efficient de-risking solutions.

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  • Long duration and LDI portfolio management
  • Overlay implementation to achieve hedge ratio targets
  • Glide path (de-risking plan) structuring
  • LDI portfolio customization
  • Return-seeking portfolio optimization
  • Completion management
  • Liability immunization implementation and monitoring
  • Annuity-ready portfolios
As of 31 December 2018.

An Intensive Focus on Client Needs

PIMCO's pension solutions team partners with plan sponsors and their consultants to provide insight and guidance through every aspect of pension risk management program design and implementation.

1. Analyze

  • Each plan’s unique liability profile
  • Asset and liability risk factor composition
  • Sources of funded status volatility
  • Performance under various market conditions

2. Structure

  • Customized liability benchmarks
  • Tailored asset portfolios: return seeking/liability hedging
  • Completion management solutions
  • Overlay solutions
  • Optimal glide paths

3. Monitor

  • Funded status fluctuations
  • Performance of assets and liabilities
  • Impact of regulatory, legislative and accounting changes
  • LDI asset/liability hedge monitoring

4. Service

  • Ongoing collaboration to reassess plan needs
  • Dynamic adjustment over time of strategy and benchmark

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