Retirement Runs on Income

PIMCO retirement income strategies are designed to help deliver through changing markets and changing times.

Retirement Income Strategies for Changing Markets

Low yields and aging populations are fueling demand for retirement income solutions globally. PIMCO's actively managed income strategies follow a "bend-but-not-break" approach that seeks to provide investors meaningful income and attractive returns in a risk-managed framework — because retirement can't wait for the right market conditions.

Retirement Solutions

Financial Advisors and Investors

A New Framework for Investing in Retirement

PIMCO's retirement framework presents a new approach to building customized retirement portfolios that seek to deliver predictable income and long-term growth.

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Defined Contribution Professionals

Seeking a Smoother Ride to Retirement

PIMCO’s target date, income and core strategies are designed to build retirement savings, protect retirement wealth and deliver retirement income for the greatest number of plan participants throughout changing market environments.

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Defined Benefit Professionals

Helping Pension Plans Deliver on Their Promise

PIMCO has a deep understanding of the needs and issues affecting DB plan sponsors and is dedicated to helping our partners address their unique circumstances to achieve the best possible outcomes for plan participants.

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“Retirement is the single largest long-term planning and investing challenge for CIOs, advisors and individuals across the U.S. and around the world. As one of the world's premier fixed income investment managers with an established track record of skillfully navigating global financial markets, PIMCO is ideally equipped to help all our partners in their efforts to achieve meaningful retirement savings and sustainable retirement income.” Emmanuel Roman Managing Director, Chief Executive Officer
Emmanuel Roman

Retirement Insights


Income to Outcome: PIMCO’s Framework for Retirement Investing

Introducing Retirement Income Analysis, a new tool on the PIMCO Pro platform that allows you to implement our framework and create personalized retirement income plans for clients nearing or in retirement.

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Behavior Insights
Financial Advisors and Retirement: The Decumulation Dilemma
An Untimely Retirement: The Dangers of “Sequence Risk” for Retirees


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