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John Nersesian

Head of Advisor Education
Mr. Nersesian is head of advisor education at PIMCO, providing advanced wealth management and investment consulting education to financial professionals. Prior to joining PIMCO in 2019, he was senior managing director of wealth management services for Nuveen Investments. Previously, he was a first vice president at Merrill Lynch Private Client Group, where he also led advanced training for financial consultants. He served as a board member of the Investments and Wealth Institute (IWI, formerly IMCA) from 2006–2017 and as chairman for the 2014–2015 term, and he is a faculty member for the IWI Certified Private Wealth Advisor (CPWA) and Certified Investment Management Analyst (CIMA) education programs held at Yale University and The University of Chicago. He has 39 years of investment and financial services experience and holds an undergraduate degree in business and economics from Lehigh University.
Investment Strategies

Not all cash is the same. Learn how to help optimize your clients’ cash allocations through liquidity tiering and by tapping into opportunities for higher yields and price appreciation.


Tune in for ideas on how advisors can address client concerns about moving money out of cash to invest it more productively into bonds – which have historically experienced less risk than stocks.


Tune into an informative discussion on how your clients can benefit from strategic tax planning by increasing retirement account contributions, booking capital losses to offset gains, and bunching itemized deductions for charitable giving. For additional resources on this topic, including an investor-friendly Tax Guide.


Clients focused less on capital accumulation and more on legacy need their advisors’ help to make the transition. John Nersesian, head of advisor education, provides insights into how to have conversations with clients, plan successful family meetings and more.


Investors often keep cash in their portfolios for liquidity needs and defensive reasons, and cash balances are currently at record high levels. Help investors overcome concerns about putting cash to work and how best to position cash allocations in this environment to maximize potential. Watch now to learn why the time is right to consider moving cash off the sidelines into fixed income.


Explore strategies to help your clients manage charitable giving in a more intentional way to maximize effectiveness – both for themselves and the charities of their choice – with John Nersesian, head of advisor education. Visit pimco.com/yearendplanning for more year-end planning strategies for you and your clients.


The fourth quarter is a great time for investors and their advisors to connect on strategies for the year ahead. Join John Nersesian, head of Advisor Education, as he shares topics worth considering for these conversations: tax planning, structuring family meetings, charitable giving and more.


Watch as John Nersesian, head of advisor education, provides a thorough overview of considerations for 2023, including ordinary income taxes, ACA taxes, the alternative minimum tax, and retirement account contributions. Visit pimco.com/advisoreducation for additional tax planning education and resources.


Explore how municipal bonds may lower your tax bills and offer diversification benefits as compared with other asset classes, plus how the possibility of rising interest rates may affect them.

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