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Marc Seidner

CIO Non-traditional Strategies
Mr. Seidner is CIO Non-traditional Strategies and a managing director in the Newport Beach office. He is also a generalist portfolio manager and a member of the Investment Committee. He rejoined PIMCO in November 2014 after serving as head of fixed income at GMO LLC, and previously he was a PIMCO managing director, generalist portfolio manager and member of the Investment Committee until January 2014. Prior to joining PIMCO in 2009, he was a managing director and domestic fixed income portfolio manager at Harvard Management Company. Previously, he was director of active core strategies at Standish Mellon Asset Management and a senior portfolio manager at Fidelity Management and Research. He has 37 years of investment experience and holds an undergraduate degree in economics from Boston College.
PIMCO Perspectives

In this PIMCO Perspectives, we examine how the return of elevated bond yields comes at an opportune time to consider shifting out of cash.

Economic and Market Commentary

As central banks eye cutting rates, investors seeking higher returns may consider extending maturities beyond traditional cash investments to lock in today’s high bond yields – and potentially benefit from price appreciation, too.

Economic and Market Commentary

Marc Seidner, CIO Non-Traditional Strategies, shares his views on where investors can find relative value opportunities today amid fast-evolving markets.

PIMCO Perspectives

This PIMCO Perspectives assesses how the term premium’s 40-year downturn could start to reverse.

Economic and Market Commentary

Watch Dr. Ben Bernanke, the former Fed chair who navigated the central bank through the Great Recession and now is a senior advisor at PIMCO, and Marc Seidner, PIMCO’s CIO of nontraditional strategies, discuss how central banks may shape global monetary policy in 2024 and what it all means for investors.

Economic and Market Commentary

The Fed held rates steady for the third time in a row and the whole world is bracing for a possible soft landing. Hear what’s next from former Fed Chair Dr. Ben Bernanke.

Economic and Market Commentary

Explore various ways investors can take advantage of today’s higher bond yields and attractive return potential.

Economic and Market Commentary

In these highly uncertain times, bonds now offer investors attractive yields, plus diversification and capital appreciation potential.

Economic and Market Commentary

Strength in employment and inflation has caused markets to raise the implied terminal rate while still expecting the Fed to normalize policy – which is different from easing – in 2024

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