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California Privacy Rights Request Form

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) provides California residents with certain rights relating to their personal information, including the right to: delete personal information, correct inaccurate personal information, know what personal information is being collected, know what personal information is sold or shared and to whom, opt out of sale or sharing of personal information, and limit use and disclosure of sensitive personal information. To make a request to exercise your rights under the CCPA, please complete and submit this form.

Please Note: It is possible that not all personal information PIMCO collects from or about California residents is fully covered by the CCPA. The CCPA includes certain exemptions that may apply to our collection and processing of your personal information. These exemptions are more fully described in the California Notice at Collection and Privacy Notice. Therefore, the ability to exercise the rights set out herein may not apply to you or to all of your personal information. Please note that your request is subject to verification.

Please let us know whether you would like to receive a response to your request via email or postal mail. If you do not make a selection, we will respond to your request via email at the email address you provided when submitting your request.

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