2021 PIMCO US Defined Contribution Consulting Study

Seeking to help consultants, advisors and plan sponsors understand current views and trends within the DC marketplace.

Further Understanding Defined Contribution

In its 15th year, the PIMCO US Defined Contribution Consulting Study seeks to help consultants, advisors and plan sponsors understand the breadth of views and consulting services available within the defined contribution (DC) marketplace.

  • 47 Consulting and Advisory Firms

  • 33,000 Clients Served

  • DC Assets in Excess of $6.7 Trillion

The Report

Our 2021 study captures data, trends and opinions from 47 consulting and advisory firms who serve over 33,000 clients with aggregate DC assets in excess of $6.7 trillion.

All responses were collected from January 4, 2021 through February 26, 2021.

Consultants’ Top Strategic DC Priorities

Institutional Consultants state expanding their presence up-market is the top priority while aggregators prioritize investment solutions, new services and M&A.

Institutional Consultant (n=29)1 Aggregator (n=11)2

Merge or acquire other firm(s)

10% 45%

Expand presence up-market (>$250MM)

66% 36%

Expand custom investment solutions capability

41% 45%

Expand presence down-market (<$250MM)

34% 27%

Expand coverage to new Pooled Employer Plans

17% 18%

New service offering

10% 45%

Question to Consultants: What will your firm's top three strategic DC priorities be in 2021? Select up to 3.
1. Institutional Consultant – traditional large plan consultant firms.
2. Aggregator – Independent DC focused advisory firms with shared resources.

Top Client Priorities

Institutional Consultants state reviewing Target Date Funds (TDFs) and fees are top client priorities, and their "leading-edge" clients prioritize retirement income evaluations and setting up the retirement tier

Top 5 (n=28) Leading Edge (n=27)

Review TDFs

68% 4%

Evaluate investment fees


Evaluate administration fees


Evaluate retirement income

57% 41%

Review managed accounts

29% 7%

Improve participant retirement education

25% 7%

Set up a retirement income tier

11% 19%

Question to Consultants: What will your firm's top three strategic DC priorities be in 2021? Select up to 3.

Most Important Factors to Plan Sponsors

Consultants state keeping costs low and meeting participant retirement goals are the most plan important factors to plan sponsors.

Top 3 Rank 1

Keep costs low (plan and investments)

87% 41%

Meet participant retirement goals

64% 36%

Manage litigation risk

49% 10%

Attract/retain workforce talent

26% 10%

Ensure the plan meets the needs of both active employees and retirees

23% 3%

Question to Consultants: As plan sponsors consider their DC plan, which of the following factors are the most important? Rank the top 3 factors. (n=39).

Key Findings

Download PIMCO’s DC Consulting Study key findings report for the latest trends and supporting data.




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