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PIMCO's Advisor Education team helps financial professionals build their knowledge to grow their business. Whether you're looking for specialized guidance or to simply earn Continuing Education credit, our team is here to help in person, on-demand, and through customized advisor consultations. Watch our overview video and  to learn more.

Build Your Knowledge

The PIMCO Advisor Education team tailors presentations, training sessions, webinars, and workshops to address the emerging developments in today’s wealth management industry.

Practice Management

Business-building ideas to help advisors grow their practice.

Sample Topics:
Referrals, Client Acquisition, Value Proposition, Behavioral Science

Wealth Planning

Advanced strategies to enhance and deepen client relationships — beyond investing.

Sample Topics:
Tax Planning, Family Wealth Planning, Charitable Giving

Investment Consulting

Investment consulting guidance to help advisors deliver relevant investment advice.

Sample Topics:
Introduction to Fixed Income, Investing in Alternatives, Key Performance Metrics
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Educational Webinars

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Educational Shorts

Only have a few minutes? Watch focused videos on important topics to you and your clients.

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An Introduction to Tax Planning Strategies
PIMCO Education

An Introduction to Tax Planning Strategies(video)

An Introduction to Tax Planning Strategies

Tim Steffen, senior consultant with PIMCO Advisor Education, takes us through tax planning strategies for 2021 and beyond, including the importance of a multi-year plan, qualified dividends and capital gains, and updated investment income tax rates. Interested in Continuing Education on the topic? Visit

PIMCO Education

Effective Discovery and Women Investors(video)

Effective Discovery and Women Investors

John Nersesian, Head of Advisor Education, and Mary Hoppe, SVP Account Manager discuss the importance of client discovery and offer effective tips for working with women investors. 

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Introduction to Bonds
From The Experts: Dr. Richard Thaler on Two Behavioral Concepts
Maximizing Social Security in Retirement
Behavioral Science in Uncertain Times

Educational Resources

Created for financial professionals, these materials, guides, checklists, and tools support our classroom and digital education offerings. Log-in to download.

Resources for Financial Professionals: The Guide Series

Title Description Category File
2021 Social Security Guide Provides 2020 Social Security information such as full retirement age, reductions for starting benefits early vs. increases for delaying, taxation of benefits and spousal benefits. For advisor use when helping clients. Wealth Planning Download
2021 Tax Reference Guide Highlights important 2020 tax information for advisors on income, investment, estate, retirement and Social Security Wealth Planning Download
Behavioral Science Reference Guide Defines common behavioral biases that affect investors’ decision-making and implications. Provides questions to help identify investor biases. Offers potential solutions to help mitigate negative outcomes. Practice Management Download
Executive Compensation Guide Reviews fundamental characteristics of some common executive compensation plans including restricted stock, stock options, employee stock purchase plans and deferred compensation plans. Wealth Planning Download
Performance Metrics Guide Provides a comprehensive overview of key metrics to utilize when evaluating an investment manager’s performance. Investment Consulting Download

Resources for Financial Professionals: Brochures, Checklists, and More

Title Description Category File
Client Discovery: Asking the Right Questions Outlines the benefits of an impactful client discovery interview process and shares sample interview questions based on investor type. Practice Management Download
Digital Prospecting for Financial Professionals: Thought-Starters Thought-starters to consider how best to connect with investors and to build strong relationships in a digital-only or hybrid environment. Practice Management Download
Mastering the Virtual Meeting Shares ideas to make your next virtual meeting a success by mastering the latest in communication technologies. These steps may help you build stronger relationships and grow your prospecting potential. Practice Management Download
The ABCs of Establishing your Value Proposition Learn tips for establishing a new value proposition, refining the format and fine-tuning the language. Practice Management Download
Year-End Planning Checklist for Advisors This checklist outlines year-end planning strategies for client investment portfolios, retirement planning, income tax and wealth transfer. Download the investor version (below) to facilitate a conversation with your clients using both tools. Wealth Planning Download

Investor Education: Resources for Professionals to use with Clients

Title Description Category File
[Why] Bonds are Different We know investors weigh the pros and cons of allocating to active or passive strategies. This brochure shares reasons why, for fixed income specifically, active management matters. Investment Consulting Download
Key Takeaways on Behavioral Finance This brochure reviews common behavioral biases and why managing our emotions may lead to better investment outcomes. Practice Management Download
The Importance of a Family Meeting Use this brochure as a guide to facilitate successful family meetings for your clients. It includes sample topics and activities. Wealth Planning Download
The Value of a Financial Professional Use this tool to help guide conversations during the discovery phase; it outlines questions investors can ask to help better understand a new financial professional. Practice Management Download
The Value of Professional Advice: Strategies to Streamline Your Financial Life This brochure, meant for investors, shares the benefits of working with a trusted financial advisor. It presents four strategies focused on issues that impact investor success. Practice Management Download
Looking for additional investor resources? Visit PIMCO’s “What, Why, and How” series
Advisor Education Documents

Articles and Insights

Read timely articles about topics impacting the wealth management industry. Download volatility checklists for you and your clients.

Meet the Team

Our industry experts offer decades of experience serving investment professionals, helping them expand their value and deepen client relationships.

John Nersesian

John Nersesian

Head of Advisor Education, John is an industry expert with 35+ years of investment and financial service experience. He holds the CFP®, CIMA® and CPWA® designations.

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Roger Nieves 

Roger Nieves

A Senior Advisor at PIMCO, Roger specializes in fixed-income investment techniques and portfolio construction. He has 25+ years of experience. He holds two master's degrees and is a CFA® charter holder.

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Tim Steffen

Tim Steffen

Senior Consultant with 20+ years experience training financial professionals on advanced wealth management topics. He holds the CPA, CFP®, and CPWA® designations.

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