Macro Insights From PIMCO’s Global Advisory Board

Dr. Ben Bernanke, Dr. Gordon Brown and Ng Kok Song – world-renowned macroeconomic thinkers and members of PIMCO’s Global Advisory Board – provide an in-depth analysis of the critical geopolitical and policy issues facing investors over the secular horizon.

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Key Macro Trends

2016 Guest Speakers

Lord Mervyn King

Lord Mervyn King

Governor of the Bank of England (2003-2013)

Dr David Dollar

David Dollar

Senior Fellow, Brookings Institution

Doris Kearns Goodwin

Doris Kearns Goodwin

Presidential Historian, Pulitzer Prize-winning Author

Dr Olivier Blanchard

Olivier Blanchard

Former Chief Economist, International Monetary Fund

Charles Gave

Charles Gave

Founding Partner and Chairman, Gavekal


Global Advisory Board

The PIMCO Global Advisory Board is a team of five world-renowned experts on economic and political issues.


Historical Guest Speakers

At every Secular Forum, distinguished guest speakers—Nobel laureate economists, policymakers, investors and historians—bring valuable, multi-dimensional perspectives to our discussions.


The Role of the Secular Forum

At the Secular Forum each May, we undertake a concentrated examination of the longer-term factors likely to affect economies and markets over the next three to five years.