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PIMCO does not provide legal or tax advice. Please consult your tax and/or legal counsel for specific tax or legal questions and concerns. The discussion herein is general in nature and is provided for informational purposes only. There is no guarantee as to its accuracy or completeness. Any tax statements contained herein are not intended or written to be used, and cannot be relied upon or used for the purpose of avoiding penalties imposed by the Internal Revenue Service or state and local tax authorities. Individuals should consult their own legal and tax counsel as to matters discussed herein and before entering into any estate planning, trust, investment, retirement, or insurance arrangement.

The decision about whether to keep your retirement savings in your current 401(k) plan or other retirement plan or IRA or to rollover into an account with PIMCO or another asset manager may be one of the most important financial decisions that you make in your life, and we believe that it is important for you to come to a decision (working with your personal financial advisor) based on your individual circumstances and retirement goals. As part of this review, you may want to look at the current investment options and the fees associated with them under your current plan or IRA and at the investment options and fees under any IRA you are considering. PIMCO does not make any recommendation regarding IRA rollovers or other dispositions of retirement account assets.

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