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Our innovative retirement solutions are designed to meet the challenges of changing markets and account for the broadest range of investment objectives.

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PIMCO RealPath® Blend

RealPath Blend is designed to meet the unique challenges of long-term retirement investing. The active fixed income component looks to manage downside risk and deliver retirement income, while the passive equity component seeks to minimize costs. Over the past 5 years, PIMCO RealPath Blend has not only helped investors build their retirement wealth, but protect it along the way.

Multi-Layered Approach to Managing Risk

Meaningful diversification in equities and fixed income is the first step smoothing the transition from a return seeking to an income generating asset allocation. We aim for our return risk seeking assets to be well diversified, which means they have less home markets bias and more exposure to non-U.S. and emerging market investments.
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Active Management
As participants approach retirement, savings balances are largest, and this is when a target date fund’s asset allocation will make the shift towards fixed income. Active fixed income outperformance can help to preserve and grow wealth and extend the longevity of retirement income.
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Downside Risk Management
PIMCO also employs active strategies for investors who are nearest and in retirement to help defend wealth during times when traditional diversification fails.
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Engagement Matters

Our broad library of materials and depth of content allow us to provide our clients with a comprehensive approach to communicating with their participants.

Defined Contribution Insights

Building the Retirement Tier

The time has come for defined contribution plans to add a retirement tier – the investments, guidance and services needed to meet the needs of participants in retirement.



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Defined Contribution Leadership

fund manager Richard Fulford

Richard Fulford

Account Manager

Mr. Fulford is an executive vice president in the Newport Beach office, an account manager and head of PIMCO's U.S. defined contribution business. He previously served as the...

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fund manager Erin Browne

Erin Browne

Portfolio Manager

Ms. Browne is a managing director and portfolio manager in the Newport Beach office, focusing on asset allocation strategies, including PIMCO’s multi-asset funds and RealPath...

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fund manager James Bentley

James Bentley

Account Manager

Mr. Bentley is an executive vice president and national retirement sales manager in the Newport Beach office. Prior to joining PIMCO in 2011, he was vice president at DWS...

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fund manager David L. Braun

David L. Braun

Portfolio Manager

Mr. Braun is a managing director and generalist portfolio manager in the New York office. Mr. Braun joined PIMCO in 2009 and is head of the U.S. financial institutions group...

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