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Our Capabilities

We aim to be a leading sustainable investment solutions provider

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Assets under management in sustainable strategies

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Over 75%

PIMCO's firm-wide market value in corporate assets engaged on ESG topics (in 2022)

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Scores across 4 out of the 5 relevant PRI 2021 Modules.

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Case studies of engagement with bond issuers, industry groups, and clients.
PIMCO Sustainable Investment Policy Statement
Leadership in sustainable investing is essential to deliver on our clients’ financial objectives while sustainable long-term economic growth is essential to maintain healthy markets.
Corporate Responsibility Report
Annual update on PIMCO’s progress in the critical areas of sustainability and corporate responsibility.
Guidance for Sustainable Bond Issuance - Corporate
PIMCO’s Sustainable portfolio management team outlines best practices for green, social, sustainability or sustainability-linked bonds.
Guidance for Sustainable Bond Issuance - Sovereign
PIMCO’s Sustainable portfolio management team outlines best practices for green, social, sustainability or sustainability-linked bonds.
PIMCO Statement on Human Rights
This statement outlines PIMCO’s approach to human rights with respect to the firm’s employees, vendors and investments.


Qué son los bonos verdes, sociales y de sostenibilidad
Los bonos sostenibles son una parte cada vez más importante del mercado de renta fija porque ofrecen una amplia gama de oportunidades para los inversionistas activos.
Sustainable Investing: Understanding ESG in Bonds
As investors, we believe ESG fixed income – or bonds – could soon rise to a place of leadership in sustainable investing.
Can ESG Investing Drive Positive Change?
As part of PIMCO’s ESG process, we believe that identifying and successfully engaging with companies that are willing to improve their ESG standing is critical for investors.

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PIMCO’s Net Zero Framework to Decarbonize Bond Portfolios
PIMCO has developed a four-pillar framework to help investors target long-term objectives to reduce portfolio exposure to greenhouse gases.
Puntos de Vista
Sustainability-Linked Bonds: Coming of Age
The fast-growing market for sustainability-linked bonds offers opportunities, and we believe issuers would benefit by incorporating even more ambitious performance metrics and goals.
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Climate and COP27: Political Pressures, Investment Implications
The recent UN Climate Change Conference helped advance initiatives important to sustainable investing, especially the global energy transition.

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Avisos Legales

1 The figure includes Third party and Allianz AUM with strategies that include (i) minimum standards that refine the investment opportunity set based on client directed exclusions criteria (“exclusionary” portfolios); (ii) a focus on enhancing the sustainable characteristics of the portfolio in comparison to its investment universe (“enhanced” portfolios) or (iii) a focus on achieving a specific environmental/ social objective in addition to a financial objective (“thematic” portfolios).

2 About 75% of PIMCO’s firm-wide market value of corporate issuers engaged on ESG topics from Jan 1-Dec 31, 2022. Includes all engagements conducted by ESG and credit analysts. Calculated as % by par-adjusted AUM as of 31 December 2022. Corporate issuers are credits covered by PIMCO’s corporate analyst team.

3 Results from PRI's 2021 reporting cycle. Reported as of December 2022. SOURCE: PIMCO, PRI.

PRI Assessment Reports are limited to signatories’ of the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI), and consider a signatory’s responsible investment implementation across its overall investment process, among other factors. PRI Assessment scores are provided per module or asset class, with no overall organization score given. PIMCO’s scores reflect information and data reported by PIMCO to PRI in the 2021 reporting cycle (as of December 31, 2020). Please note that publication of the 2021 public transparency reports was delayed due to changes in PRI’s reporting and assessment process. PRI’s 2021 scoring methodology has changed to reflect the new Reporting Framework. Scores for the 2021 reporting cycle are not comparable to previous years. Prior to 2021, PRI assessments were awarded scores based on a scale from A+ to E, with A+ being highest score and E being the lowest. PRI Assessments awarded from 2021 onward are based on a scale of 1-5 Stars. 1 Star being the lowest score, 5 Stars being the highest. For 2021 Methodology and an overview of the PRI Reporting Framework, please refer to For additional information regarding how PRI assesses signatory reporting, please refer to

PIMCO is committed to the integration of Environmental, Social and Governance ("ESG") factors into our broad research process and engaging with issuers on sustainability factors and our climate change investment analysis. At PIMCO, we define ESG integration as the consistent consideration of material ESG factors into our investment research process, which may include, but are not limited to, climate change risks, diversity, inclusion and social equality, regulatory risks, human capital management, and others. Further information is available in PIMCO's Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Investment Policy Statement.


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